Quality Assurance

Our granules are subject to continuous quality testing in our own laboratory to  ensure consistently high quality. From each batch produced, a film bubble is blow-moulded on a laboratory machine and the melt flow index (MFI according to  DIN EN ISO 1133-1) measured. In addition, the composition of all batches, of raw materials and of ongoing production at WELAPlast GmbH is measured by the  impact test (notched impact according to DIN EN ISO 179-1) and by  thermoanalysis (DSC according to DIN 51005), while the density of the granules is etermined by the buoyancy method (according to DIN EN ISO 1183-1). The substances contained in our granulates  and preparations have to their full extent  been pre-registered as required by the new European chemicals  regulation (REACh). This regulation permits granules to contain no more than 0.1% (m/m) of substances on the SVHC list.

In October 2013 WELA-Plast GmbH  was certified for the first time to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. In addition the  international energy standard DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 was also successfully  introduced in parallel and with full integration. Since then, the company has been  able to track its principal energy flows and efficiently optimize them with regard to both the environment and resources. In October 2012 WELA-Plast GmbH was one  of the first companies in Europe to be awarded EuCertPlast certification.  EuCertPlast aims to give recognition to producers of plastic raw materials who  have high operational standards and also to confirm their quality level. 


Pilot Facility.

In order to meet all customer requirements and at the same time safeguard our own high quality standards, granule samples are taken continuously from current production and their thermal and mechanical properties checked. Here we rely on the company’s own testing and inspection equipment in our pilot facility:

• MFI (MVR) tester
• (DSC) thermoanalysis unit
• Analytical balance
• Laboratory extrusion blow-moulder
• Laboratory granulator (single- and twin-screw technology)
• Laboratory injection-moulding machine
• Laboratory agglomerator
• Pendulum impact tester
• Muffle furnace for ashing

Alongside our own product research and development activities, in our pilot facility we can also run trials and formulations following customer specifications and from these work out upscaling options for the actual production process. Furthermore, all other popular and also more specialized investigations can be reproduced promptly and on the spot thanks to our membershipin ZWT e.V. (Centre for Materials and Technology / Plastics Network of the Hansa Line Growth Region).

Information at: www.unternehmensverbund-zwt.de

Unsere Partner Zentrum für Werkstoffe und Technik
Our Certificates TüV Rheinland Zertifikat
Unsere Partner Zentrum für Werkstoffe und Technik
Our Certificates TüV Rheinland Zertifikat