WELA-Plast GmbH


WELA-Plast GmbH, based in Goldenstedt (Germany), has since its inception in  1991 evolved into a recognised specialist in polymer raw materials, providing a customer- driven, demand-based and optimized production of feedstocks for the plastics industry.

Long-standing expertise and state-of-the-art innovative technology bear fruit in  products of the very highest standard and guarantee lasting consistent quality.  WELA-Plast GmbH is a mediumsized family-owned company, which was founded in 1991 by the current owners.

In 2000 the company moved to its present location. On this site, which covers an  area of just under 40 000 m2, new production shops equipped with the most  up-to-date process technology have been built as well as a connected  administration building, several warehouses and a modern filling and homogenization plant.

Today WELA-Plast GmbH is an international company with customers all over Europe. Products range from standard LD and HD grades to PE/PP, standard PP  grades and highly filled PP compounds. In addition, master batches based on new  materials and recyclates, chalk batches, wood-plastic composites (WPCs) and other  highly filled compounds are produced to customer specifications or formulations.


Our services

As regards our vertical integration we see ourselves as a systemically universal  partner and thus able to provide all necessary services relating to the end product:



WELA-Plast GmbH manufactures its granules exclusively in Germany. For the most part these are standard grades but special grades are also regularly produced  following specific formulations. Another core activity is the production of customized granules as closely coordinated developments to the customer’s specifications.



A continuous, multi-stage production process using numerous precise metering and mixing devices on our twin-screw extruders ensures top quality in plastics  compounding. Here polymers and additives in the melt phase are optimally  homogenized together. In addition to our standard range of mineral-filled batches and compounds, we are also pleased to develop individual solutions in close cooperation with the customer, designing for the particular intended use and  complying with the customer’s specifications. Additives, modifiers, colour batches, bonding agents, stabilizers and so on can be incorporated on request.


Toll granulating

One service we offer our customers is toll granulating. WELA-Plast GmbH picks the material up from the customer, granulates it and then delivers it back to the customer, who then puts the material back into its production line. What this means is that the provider of the input material gets the quantities he supplied back with the qualification specifications he ordered and only needs pay the production costs for processing the quantities supplied. For a holistic logistical solution we are also happy to provide on demand the corresponding commissioning resources such as racks, mesh pallets and / or even containers.



In addition to producing our own granules, compounds and regrinds, we also market a constantly changing range of granules, regrinds, off-spec materials and special  items from other manufacturers so as to comply with our guiding principle of offering a fully comprehensive service portfolio.

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Our Certificates TüV Rheinland Zertifikat
Unsere Partner Zentrum für Werkstoffe und Technik
Our Certificates TüV Rheinland Zertifikat